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Steampunk 01 by Miyu01 Steampunk 01 :iconmiyu01:Miyu01 7 3 Circle Of Approval by Miyu01 Circle Of Approval :iconmiyu01:Miyu01 2 2 Comics Salon cosplay theater competition by Miyu01 Comics Salon cosplay theater competition :iconmiyu01:Miyu01 0 0 Vanilla latte victorian style by Miyu01 Vanilla latte victorian style :iconmiyu01:Miyu01 4 16 Kodona by Miyu01 Kodona :iconmiyu01:Miyu01 3 6 Wa lolita by Miyu01 Wa lolita :iconmiyu01:Miyu01 4 10
His eyes
He was hated, despised and laughed at.  They had called him names since he was a young student and it didn’t stop even when he became a teacher.
Severus Snape was a hard man. He never smiled, he never showed weakness. He didn’t love and no one ever loved him. At least that was what his students were prone to think. Oh, how wrong they were. He too was in love and he too experienced a love that can be experienced only once.
When he met Lili Evans he thought that his solitary life was over, that he met someone who will always be with him. Yet as the years passed by he was too consumed by the darkness to see he was loosing the only thing he ever loved. Year after year he became more and more like a true Slytherin should be. Until the moment he realized the consequences of his choices. But it was too late.
He loved her even thought she was a muggleborn.
And he hated her son even thought he promised to protect her legacy – the boy who lived while she had died.
When the
:iconmiyu01:Miyu01 0 0
Anime Show cosplay competition banner by Miyu01 Anime Show cosplay competition banner :iconmiyu01:Miyu01 5 4
Her loss
"You didn't just lose your mother that night in Godric's Hollow, you know. I lost a sister."
Petunia tried to look at her life in a positive way. Although she never smiled, she loved her family deeply and was quite fond of the way how she lived, but still… there was a small stab of pain deep inside every time she remembered her sister and  the world she, a muggle, wasn't part of.
Lily Potter, née Evans, was her younger sister who she haven't seen for years, but sometimes she wondered how she was doing. Lily too had a small boy, only few weeks younger than her Dudley. His name was supposed to be Harry or something like that, if she remembered correctly. She took Dudley into her arms and without thinking she started to imagine how this Harry looked like. Is he as chubby as her little angel? Does he has his mother's green eyes or is he more like his father? When will he start to show his own magic ability, because she was sure he too will be able to use magic li
:iconmiyu01:Miyu01 1 6
A little bit different me by Miyu01 A little bit different me :iconmiyu01:Miyu01 4 11 Yuuko Ichihara by Miyu01 Yuuko Ichihara :iconmiyu01:Miyu01 6 9 Little Red Riding Hood - urban version by Miyu01 Little Red Riding Hood - urban version :iconmiyu01:Miyu01 5 0
His choice
Draco Malfoy wasn't a humble man, not at all. For all his life he was taught, that he was better than everyone else just because of his family wealth and pure blood status. There was no one to tell him otherwise, so he believed it without questions or doubt. And at the time he actually met someone who disagreed with this "pure blood shit" it was too late for him to change his way of thinking. As if he had any intentions to do so.
But now, for the first time in his life since Dumbledore's death he wanted to do something right. So when his Lord asked the students of Hogwarts to join him, instead of a proud stepping forward he hesitated. Was this really what he wanted? Was the death of his classmates and teachers what he was wishing for?
While watching his classmates and teachers fighting for what they believed was truth he had his own time to think. They were braver, more honest and everything he and other Death eaters weren't. Yet he was taught he was superior to them – to mudblood
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ID by Miyu01 ID :iconmiyu01:Miyu01 5 4 Alone in the corridor by Miyu01 Alone in the corridor :iconmiyu01:Miyu01 3 2 Harry Potter lolita by Miyu01 Harry Potter lolita :iconmiyu01:Miyu01 9 18


Sailor Moon - Princess Serenity2 by AiraNozomi Sailor Moon - Princess Serenity2 :iconairanozomi:AiraNozomi 17 2 I will always be protecting you by kaminary-san I will always be protecting you :iconkaminary-san:kaminary-san 3,279 107 The Cornetto Trilogy by CauseImDanJones The Cornetto Trilogy :iconcauseimdanjones:CauseImDanJones 2,354 219 Little Red Riding Hood I - The Choice by iNeedChemicalX Little Red Riding Hood I - The Choice :iconineedchemicalx:iNeedChemicalX 3,829 193 Alien and Predator by 666Lintu Alien and Predator :icon666lintu:666Lintu 6 4 Draco Malfoy VI by Katsuki-sama Draco Malfoy VI :iconkatsuki-sama:Katsuki-sama 32 10 The noble soul by shel-yang The noble soul :iconshel-yang:shel-yang 9,872 435 Clown Afternoon by erlallosta Clown Afternoon :iconerlallosta:erlallosta 4 2 ACEO - Princess Serenity by nao--ren ACEO - Princess Serenity :iconnao--ren:nao--ren 4,598 212 The_complaint by templeofmystery The_complaint :icontempleofmystery:templeofmystery 4 5 Raving Rabbids by mkozmon Raving Rabbids :iconmkozmon:mkozmon 7 1 Let it rain Happiness by raintalker Let it rain Happiness :iconraintalker:raintalker 6 10 cat ears by Tenshi-no-Hikari cat ears :icontenshi-no-hikari:Tenshi-no-Hikari 8,860 1,568 Enchantment-edit- by saniika Enchantment-edit- :iconsaniika:saniika 264 48




Miyu Hikari
Current Residence: Slovakia - Bratislava
Favourite cartoon character: Ed Elric
I've been tagged by :iconsirdompayne:

I will not tag anyone this time, so feel free to read my answers without the fear of being the next one :)

1) What do you like about conventions and on the other hand what you don't like about them?

Meeting with people I meet only on the conventions and to spend time with them, also I like program like games, movies and panels. I hate stress and when things don't go according to the plan. I found out I can enjoy the conventions more If I am not responsible for anything and the only thing I have to do is to show up on my panel on time (thank you Czech conventions for this bliss! )

2) If could choose one thing you would be doing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Hmm, reading books. Can I do this for money?

3) Do you admire particular art movements? If you do, say why  

Hmm, not really I am really flexible 

4) Can you name one person who had the biggest influence on your life?

My friends, but I cant name only one person.

5) What have you always dreamed about?

I always wanted to be a teacher. Sometimes I still want to be one :(

6) What do you think about cosplayers who show "too much skin"?

It depends on the person and the whole cosplay. Sometimes it looks good and sometimes not. But I thinks there is a borderline one should not cross.

7) What is your biggest obsession?

Ed Elric, HP and books in general

8) Name one thing that made you proud of yourself  

That I was told several times (by different supervisors) that I am a very good worker it made me happy, because my self estimate is really low.

9) What is your opinion about people who do cosplay just for the fame or money?

Can someone do it just for the money? I think that to do something like this you have to be passionate about cosplay. (But maybe I am wrong like always :( )

10) Say one thing you fear the most.



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Ook, cez vikend sa do toho pustim :)
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